We just wanted to tell you how nice and helpful your service man was on an after hours service call when our furnace was not working. Thanks for his prompt, great service.

Happy Customer

I want to convey my sincere appreciation for the assistance by your technician Alex on the evening of February 15. I had a full house when I noticed that it seemed to be very cool in the house, and with the temperature outside well below zero, I started to investigate. I listened to my Lennox Pulse furnace and only heard the furnace “firing” for about 10 seconds. No heat was being generated. When the temperature in the house got down to 64, with the thermostat set at 70, I decided to make a call. The young lady that answered my call was very helpful and told me that she would contact a technician and have him call me, but if I didn’t hear anything in a half hour, to call her back. It wasn’t but 15 minutes or so and Alex called. I explained my situation to him and he immediately suggested that I check outside and see if the intake & exhaust pipes were frozen over because of the extremely cold weather. I told him I would check outside and call him back. Alex was 100% spot on. As soon as I cleared the frost buildup from the pipes, the furnace fired up and has been heating just fine ever since. I just want to express my sincere thanks to Alex and to Patterson & Stirling for having such a great team in place for emergencies. It is a relief to know that in today’s world there are some companies that you know can “go to” when assistance is needed and actually get some great help. Thanks again!!!

Satisfied Customer

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